Outstation Patients

We cater to outstation patients also and try to plan their treatment according to their comfort, but of course not compromising on the prerequisites needed for a success!!

First Step :-

Submit your case details online in which we need to know.

  • Age of both partners
  • Married life
  • Semen Analysis report
  • TVS ultrasound report of the female
  • Any hormonal assay report
  • Any report about tubal status
  • Any Laparo Hysteroscopy report done previously
  • Any previous treatment taken.


1) How long does the treatment take?
It takes around 15-18 days to complete one cycle of IVF (till embryo transfer).

2) How long the patient need to stay?

      A) For NRI patients :-
Patients need to be in the country for minimum 3 to maximum 6 weeks depending on the case profile.
      B) For patients outside Punjab:-
Patient need to follow up with us for 3-6 weeks, and depending on weather you are undergoing stimulation yourself or you are a case of donor egg the stay and visits vary. If patient is undergoing stimulation then they need to stay with us for at least 15 days. For the procedure the Male partner needs to be with us minimum just for a day. And if it is a case of donor egg then he has to visit us three times in 15-day period. But all this will happen after the treatment has been chalked out, all investigations completed for which you have to come personally once (preferably day 2 of your cycle) before the actual IVF is started.

      C) Facilities of Stay :-
We have facility of stay.

  • Within the hospital
  • Outside the hospital

Note :-
This detail of stay and time taken for treatment is after basic investigations have been done/or reviewed by Dr. Neelu (if previously done) and the patient confirms registration.

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