Maternity Services

If you are pregnant we guarantee you a caring, supportive, medically appropriate management and all together a pleasurable experience in your most treasured and sensitive 9 months.
We know that pregnancy is not a disease and a pregnant woman is not a patient but it is the most sensitive time of a woman’s life where she needs to be heard, consoled, cared and taken care of physically, emotionally and mentally.
Our doctors and staff work towards healthy mother and baby.
We provide

Specialize in treating

  • Clean hygienic environment
  • Comfortable and hygienic labour suit where comfort and sterility are primarily taken care
  • Spacious rooms with separate cribs for the baby, fridge, AC, TV
  • Facilities like microwave (On demand)
  • Good nursing care of the mother and baby
  • Preparing the mother for motherhood through our Antenatal educational classes on diet, exercise, post-delivery care and baby care.
  • Baby Vaccination

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