IUI Fertility Treatment

IUI is intra uterine insemination which means deposition of washed and capacitated sperms into the uterine cavity through a fine catheter around the time of ovulation.

How IUI helps :-

This procedure may help in increasing the chances of pregnancy by

  • Allowing sperm-ovum contact close to the date and time of ovulation.
  • By bringing the sperm very close to the site of fertilization and by passing the cervical factors.
  • Sperm preparation washing increases the sperm density and removes all antigens on the surface of sperm and in seminal plasma. The nutritive media increases the motility of the sperms to some extent.

IUI Procedure:-

The female partner is monitored by ultrasound starting from Day 2 of her menstrual cycle (natural/or stimulated with medicines as the case maybe) and when the egg reaches size of 18-20 mm trigger of HCG in the form of an injection is given and one IUI is planned at 24 hrs and second IUI at 48hrs of HCG trigger. – On the Day of IUI the male partner gives the semen sample which is washed using different media in our Andrology lab and finally the capacitated sperms are injected into the uterine cavity of the female partner.Patient needs to wait for 1 hr. in the hospital.

IUI Facts :-

  • Not painful
  • No rest required at all
  • No change in your daily routine.

Indication for IUI :-

  • Mild male infertility Semen parameters at least 20-40 million/ml
  • Unexplained infertility
  • Cervical factors
  • Mild endometriosis
  • Coital problems
  • Donor sperm

Patient selection:-

  • Age of female partner should be less than 35.
  • Duration of infertility should be less than 5 yrs.
  • At least one patent fallopian tube and no uterine factor.
  • Post wash semen parameters >20 million/ml.

Although pregnancy may not occur as quickly, a policy of initial treatment by IUI will probably save 20% of couples from moving onto IVF.


After 3-4 cycles of failed IUI treatment, patients should be encouraged to opt for IVF Treatment.


If sperm count is less than 10-15 million do not waste time in IUI. Go for IVF/ICSI straight away.

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