Do you leak urine when you laugh, sneeze or squat?

Yes, don’t feel embarrassed and restrain yourself from social activity; you can get rid of it!!
This is due to weakening of support around your urinary opening and can be easily reconstructed by a minimally invasive procedure. It’s worth it because it will help you regain your social confidence.

Do you have delayed periods?

Most common cause of delayed periods is PCOD which needs to be treated irrespective of your age. So contact a gynecologist gets yourself evaluated and start upon treatment.

Do you have severe pain in your periods?

Not always, but it can be a symptom of endometriosis. Get an ultrasound done and consult your doctor.

Do you have pain in your breast?

Don’t panic, pain in the breast (Mastalgia) is not a symptom of breast cancer! Unless you feel a hard lump too. Only pain is a benign condition related to your hormones and you can get relief by some dietary changes and taking some supplements.

Do you have lump in your breast?

Definitely get it examined by a gynecologist. If it is a mobile lump, mostly it is benign but if it is fixed, tender, with puckered skin, chances that it can be malignant.
Benign, lumps are noncancerous and not to be worried about.

Do you have repelling odour from your private parts?

There are natural secretions from glands in our vulval, vaginal areas and also sweat glands. These secretions produce smell. Sometimes infectious discharge is also cause of bad odour. Get yourself examined by a gynecologist and simple treatments can help you get rid of it.

Can we prevent uterine cancers?

Cancer related to uterus is of two types – cervical (of the lower 1/3 of the uterus) and uterine (of the upper 2/3). Both are different as far as their cause, symptoms and treatments are concerned.
Cervical cancer can be prevented by regular screening test pap’s smear after 35 yrs. of age and getting vaccination done at the right age (13-16 yrs.) is the ideal age.
Uterine cancer can’t be detected beforehand but yes any post menopause bleeding warrants through check up from a gynecologist.

Can I get pregnant if I am feeding my baby and have not started menstruating regularly?

Yes, you can because ovulation can occur any time after 6 weeks of delivery so even if you are not menstruating after delivery. Use some contraceptive.

Can I climb stairs if I am pregnant?

Yes, being pregnant is no contraindication to climbing stairs. Your baby is well protected in your womb. Nevertheless be careful so that you don’t skid or fall.

How will I know that I have labour pains and need to go to the hospital?

Labour pains of early labour are not very painful. You might feel regular hardening and relaxation of your abdomen and this hardening is mildly painful or sometimes you may feel pain in your back. These pains will not subside on rest and may be accompanied by bloody discharge. You might also have sudden gush of water which is a sign of the bursting of you water bag and may or may not be accompanied by pains. But is an indication to go to the hospital.

Do I need to eat special kind of food or special exercises to ensure vaginal delivery?

Not exactly, but yes stretching and squatting exercises make your muscles supple and keep your body fit after process of delivery. Vaginal delivery is only ensured if baby and maternal pelvis are in the right relation to each other and that is only decided during labour.

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