Diagnosis of blocked fallopian tubes
Since this condition is generally asymptomatic, detection takes place only when getting pregnant becomes difficult
The first investigation that would suggest tubal problem is HSG. Here a dye is introduced into cervix using a tiny tube, the dye then travels to the uterus and colors the area wherever it goes. If it spreads through the uterus and the tubes then everything is normal, if not, then the blockage is suspected.
Confirmatory test is diagnostic hysterolap because HSG sometimes gives false results.

Treatment of blocked tubes:-
If pregnancy is your goal then IVF is the only way. Talk to your infertility specialist to know all about IVF.

Adv of diagnostic hysterolap:-

  • In this we are entering the abdomen and are actually visualizing the tubes. Also, tubal patency is checked in real time.
  • It is confirmatory
  • Also tells about conditions of tubes
  • Cause of blockage
  • All this information helps to plan the right treatment for the patient

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