Blastocyst Culture

Among the various IVF options there is one technique is known as the Blastocyst Culture. This is a technique where the embryos are not transferred to the womb after day 3 post fertilization, as is the usual procedure but they are kept for 5-6 days before the transplant is carried out. The primary reason for this is that the embryo gains multiple cells in the 5 days post fertilization and it allows for better selection of the embryo that has greater potential for a successful implantation and survival. The chances of multiple pregnancies are also greatly reduced.
Blastocyst transfers are patient specific, which means that patients meeting the required criteria are eligible for the procedure. The main criteria are.

  • A physiologically better chance of having blastocyst development that is determined by age and the associated infertility conditions.
  • Previous attempts at achieving pregnancy that were unsuccessful.
  • A very strong concern of delivering high-order multiple pregnancies.

The blastocyst procedure requires that the human blastocysts hatch from the shell one- or two-days post blastocyst transfer that is done after day 5 of IVF and it should implant. Under non-IVF conditions, the blastocyst occurs naturally inside the body and implantation happens 6-10 days post ovulation.
Day 5 embryos are better developed and the chances of a successful pregnancy are much higher than regular IVF day 3 transplant. But it must be kept in mind that however perfect the IV culture, only 20-50 percent of the day 2 embryos go on to develop in to day 5 embryos. Despite these odds, blastocyst transfers have seen far greater success than regular IVF.
If your gynaecologist recommends IVF and blastocyst culture be sure to check out the clinic, the facilities and the success rate the clinic has witnessed in this particular procedure.
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